"4 in 1" system is unique design for furniture market, characterized by the ability to be used in several variants. The system is the basis for the implementation of various design projects and the creation of the original furniture, while it blends well with modern interior and harmoniously supplements it.


"4 in 1" system is a collection of 4 modules: "folding system", "swing system", "fixed wall partition" and "suspension system".
Each module can be used separately for specific tasks.


System can be used in the manufacture of swing and sliding doors for wardrobes, wardrobe rooms, for modeling and space zoning in a studio apartment or office buildings, for creating a fixed and suspension partition walls.


The system is based on a new vertical profile - handle FUSION. It is used in all modules and is compatible with ARISTO sliding system. Handle FUSION is a unique development of "ARISTO", patented as industrial design in Russia and China and law protects it from illegal copies.


The vertical profile F can be in two colors: "silver anodized and venge/silver anodized”. The second one is a combination of covered handle and anode frames, other manufacturers have no analogues. Such technology essentially expands colors opportunities for designers.

Aristo Company has common pricing policy at the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The aluminum profile is covered with protective film with ARISTO® logo to prevent transport damage.