Sliding system ARISTO - reliable high-quality system, which consists of aluminum profiles and accessories. Save space by using functionally simple and easy-to-install ARISTO system for doors, sliding wardrobes and partitions.


Sliding system is designed for the manufacture of sliding doors, sliding wardrobes and interior partitions. This is the perfect solution for your home or office, which will allow to hide the contents of wardrobe or impressive and beautiful to divide space.

Presented in an assortment one-rail guides also allow
to make swing doors.


Aluminum profile for the system is made of primary aluminum alloy, it has a stiffening rib, reliable and durable. Quiet operation and smooth sliding ensure high quality rollers. They can endure up to 110 000 opening cycles and weight up to 80 kg.

The original profile ARISTO comes only in the original film!


The company offers a wide range of colors as anode profiles so covered with PVC film. The choice of profiles color and door panels provide space for design and allows to enter door almost for any interior.

Aristo Company has common pricing policy at the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The aluminum profile is covered with protective film with ARISTO® logo to prevent transport damage.