"Aristo" system can be used as a swing door. Doors are assembled from standard profiles "Aristo". All insert pars calculations are of "Aristo" standard system. To ensure door rotation used rotary mechanism two sets for two doors. The rotating mechanism is mounted on single rail, which is used at the bottom and the top. It is recommended to include in the set internal door positioners (magnetic latch: recurrent and irretrievable).


The swing door assembly begins with a door assembling (as well as the assembly of "Aristo" standard door). At the door handle mounted rotating mechanism (similar to the setup installation of "Aristo" top rollers). The mechanism must be fixed in the handle.

Further assembly is carried out in wardrobe (niche). Assembled doors with rotating mechanism installed on rails. Rotating mechanism is provided with a stop bar to be installed in the bottom rail, followed by fixation.


  • From width of doorway 10 mm (3 mm from edge and 4 mm in the middle, between doors)
  • Vertical - subtract 30 mm to 15 mm at the top and bottom.
  • Rotating mechanism pre-set at a distance of 5 cm (on the screw) from the edge. Then make adjustment on the place depending on conditions and nature of the installation.

Insert parts calculation is made similarly to the calculation of "Aristo" sliding doors.

Aristo Company has common pricing policy at the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The aluminum profile is covered with protective film with ARISTO® logo to prevent transport damage.